Join the PTO!

On behalf of the PTO Executive Board, we hope all of our families had a wonderful and memorable summer, and welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  Thank you all for your continued support with volunteering to plan and execute our many successful events throughout the school year!  They would not be possible without your help.

We would like to encourage all families to join the PTO!  Families must renew their memberships each year.  Your membership and support are critical to the PTO’s success and ability to continue support of our schools.

Membership entitles you to be a voting member of the Mountainside NJ PTO and receive one copy of the PTO Handbook and Student Directory per address.  The cost is $7 for EACH parent or guardian.

Party Money is collected from parents and guardians to provide funds for in-school parties for Halloween and Holiday celebrations.  Volunteer class parents shop, bake, serve, and plan activities for these celebrations and party funds are used to support these celebrations.  The cost is $10 for EACH student (mandatory please).

Direct contributions eliminate the need for many fundraisers, and 100% of the money directly benefits our children.  Based upon the results of past years as well as parent feedback, it remains a success, and we will continue it again this year with a request of $25 for EACH student.  If you wish to contribute additional monies, you will be noted as a Silver, Gold, or Platinum donor in our Membership Directory.  We hope that you appreciate our efforts to streamline our fundraising and will continue to make this direct-contribution initiative a successful one!

Thank you in advance!

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